superTube SST/SST-U

The superTube® is the the Next Generation of Tube Heaters.

High-efficiency ECM Motor

85% motor efficiency
Automatically adjusts airflow to variable site conditions
True modulating adjustment of both air and gas
Whisper quiet operation
Optimized Reflector

Increased efficiency over conventional reflector
Optimized heat distribution throughout entire radiant area
More uniform comfort
Less BTUHs needed to meet building heat loss
Now Up To 250,000 BTUH

Models range from 50,000 to 250,000 BTUHs
Higher mounting heights possible for more applications
More heat = less heaters = lower install costs and less energy used



Manual Stage 2


This product is eligible for grants from Énergir (formerly Gaz Metro). For more information, please contact us at (514) 332-8929 or email us.