With models ranging from 100 - 400 MBH, Spectrum Series boilers’ unique design and optional corrosion-resistant, brushed stainless steel jackets make them ideal for indoor and outdoor installations in corrosive or harsh environments.

A unique feature within this MBH range, the Spectrum Series’ diagnostic control panel allows for easy troubleshooting, and, when coupled with the self-diagnostic light package, makes the Spectrum Series easy to assess, maintain and service. All Spectrum Series non-condensing, gas-fired boilers and hot water heaters are constructed using cast iron headers for application flexibility, and feature built-in draft diverters to lower the height of the unit and, most importantly, to reduce installation costs.

Available Options

https://www.literature.mestek.com/dms/RBI%20Water%20Heaters/Spectrum%20Boiler%20Written%20Spec%20(SS-HB-SP-0321)_1.pdf - https://www.literature.mestek.com/dms/RBI%20Water%20Heaters/Spectrum%20Water%20Heater%20Written%20Spec%20(SS-HW-SP-1221).pdf