MultiTower Direct-Contact Water Heater

The QuikWater MultiTower direct-contact water heating system is an optional configuration of our original Flagship system.

The MultiTower is ideal for concrete production, railcar washing, commercial laundries, and the glass, textiles, car washing, food processing, government, and aviation industries, producing 9 to 2,300 gallons per minute of pure, clean, hot water for use in a variety of applications.

All QuikWater systems are engineered with our innovative clean-burn combustion technology – a dry fire process that is not only safer than conventional boilers but operates with 99% energy efficiency. We also manufacture our systems using the highest quality materials for extra long life and extra low maintenance.

QuikWater systems are the first direct-contact water heating systems to be certified by the NSF/ANSI Standard 3A and 5 for food processing applications.