MegaHeater Direct-Contact Water Heater

The QuikWater MegaHeater is one serious direct-contact water heating system — engineered to produce hot water up to 200°F. The MegaHeater industrial hot water heater system is ideal for food, beverage, and other process industries that require commercial hot water on demand with no excuses.

Better than a boiler, the QuikWater MegaHeater is the number one choice for food, beverage, and other process industries that want to operate smarter, cleaner, and more energy-efficient.

All QuikWater systems are engineered with our innovative clean-burn combustion technology – a dry fire process that is not only safer than conventional boilers but operates with 99% energy efficiency materials for extra long life and extra low maintenance.

QuikWater systems are the first direct-contact water heating systems to be certified by the NSF/ANSI Standard 3A and 5 for food processing applications.