The key to the success of the KN-Series lies within the revolutionary heat exchanger design. There’s a reason cast iron has been the choice of boiler manufacturers for hundreds of years...yes, hundreds of years. They last a very long time.

At the core of the KN-Series is a time-tested cast iron heat exchanger, only better. Cast iron is an ASHRAE-approved material for condensing boiler applications. Synonymous with strength and resiliency KN-Series boilers have proven over the last 15 years to be not only one of the most efficient boilers on the market but by far the most durable.

In a commercial market where efficiency is everything, the KN-Series stands out among the crowd as the only high efficiency, cast iron line of boilers to combine condensing gas-fired technology, with the strength, durability, and heat retention of cast iron construction. Durable, rugged and long-lasting, cast iron is the ideal material for condensing boiler systems that are built to last the long haul

From 200,000 - 4,000,000 BTU