Centrifugal Industrial Process Blowers

Industrial material handling applications require the toughest, most reliable equipment. Peerless' Centrifugal Industrial Process Blowers are precision engineered for exactly these demanding duties and environments.

Built for extreme environments, abrasive material transfer, and heavy-duty air handling, Peerless' Industrial Process Blowers set the standard in challenging, continuous-duty applications.

WIDE SELECTION OF ARRANGEMENTEach project has its own unique demands for fan installation orientation, service access, motor position, drive type, and drive supports. Our Industrial Process Blower series is specifically designed to offer the widest range of AMCA Standard Arrangement configurations, giving you the greatest flexibility for installation.

ABRASIVE MATERIAL HANDLINSuper abrasive materials can wreak havoc on standard-duty fans, eating up housing sidewalls, deteriorating fan blades, and overloading motors. Our Industrial Process Blower M models are specifically tailored to these exceptional demands, with options including ultra-heavy housings, reinforced fan wheels, oversized shafts, and severe-duty bearings.

HIGH PRESSURE CONVEYING AIExhausting industrial processes typically involves handling entrained particulates at elevated temperatures, and often requires higher discharge pressures in order to push through long discharge ducting or end-of-line scrubbers. We offer Industrial Process Blower A models for precisely these applications.